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TsukubamorinoYesbut will not operate on 27 Apr - 6 May, due to very long national holidays2019-04-18

Tsukuba, Japan

TCCON Status: Full

36.0513 N, 140.1215 E, Altitude 31 m, UTC + 9:00

FTS: Bruker IFS 125 HR

Operated by the National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES) and is supported in part by the GOSAT series project.

Contributors: Isamu Morino (PI), Toru Matsuzaki, Hisamichi Ikegami, etc.


In situ measurements of CO2 and CH4 at an altitude of 1.5 m are continuously made by Meteorological Research Institute, Japan Meteorological Agency, 1-1 Nagamine, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-0052, Japan (A contact person: Dr. Yousuke Sawa).


 TsukubaFTSsite (2).jpg

An air photograph around NIES taken from Google.



A photograph of the dome, inside which the solar tracker is installed.


Tsukuba_125 HR.jpg

A photograph of the Bruker IFS 125 HR FTS.


The NIES GOSAT project web page is located on

GOSAT Technical Information containing Data Policy, Path Calendar, and GOSAT Standard Mesh Points






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The Weather Network - Tsukuba, Japan
Current Weather
Cloudy, 20 °C , Humidity 83% , Wind NE 17km/h
Thursday, July 18, 2019
Rain, High 28 °C, Low 23 °C, P.O.P. 90%
Friday, July 19, 2019
Light rain, High 30 °C, Low 23 °C, P.O.P. 80%
Saturday, July 20, 2019
Cloudy with showers, High 29 °C, Low 21 °C, P.O.P. 40%


Operational Status Details

The old FTS (Bruker IFS 120 HR) was replaced by a new FTS (Bruker IFS 125 HR) in the end of Mar 2010.

We are measuring the solar absorption spectra with the TCCON mode on GOSAT overpass and OCO-2 target mode days.
On other days the NDACC mode in the morning and the TCCON mode from 11 am LT to early evening. 

TCCON mode: 2-micron InGaAs det. and  Si det., reso. 0.02 cm-1, Acq: 1, Sample: 7.5 kHz, LPF: 10 kHz, AP: 1 mm, an Pins: 0, DC F&R single scans.
                      dual-channel acquisition at Tsukuba has been initiated on 28 Mar., 2014. 
NDACC mode: NDACC #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, and #6 (reso. 0.0035 cm-1).

HBr cell measurements for MIR, HCl gas cell and ghost lamp measurements for NIR are made once a month.

An operator is measuring spectra and our system is not full automatic.


We did overflights for in-situ NDIR CO2 concentration measurement and flask sampling over Tsukuba, Kumagaya from 500 m to 7000 altitude on
7, 15 Jan., 2009 for 120 HR calibration, 
14, 20, 23 Feb., 2010 for GOSAT validation and 120 HR calibration, and 
28, 31 Jan., 3, 7 Feb., 2011, 11(cloudy), 14 Jan., 2012 for the GOSAT validation and the 125 HR calibration.

We did overflights for in-situ NDIR CO2 concentration and CRDS CO2 and CH4 analyzer measurements, and flask sampling over Tsukuba from 500 m to 9500 m altitude on
8, 11 Jan., 2013, 6, 12 Jan., 2014 for the GOSAT validation and the 125 HR calibration. 


Time series of XCO2 and XCH4 processed with GGG2014 are shown.


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