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JenadfeistNoFTS has been transported to Ascension Island in April 20122013-02-18

Jena, Germany

50.91N, 11.57E, 211.6 masl
Collaborators: Dietrich Feist (PI), Marc Geibel, Sabrina Niebling




  April 8th 2010

Jena FTIR container starts its journey to Wollongong (AUS)


Technical Details

Movie of the MPI-BGC Solar Tracker dome

(If the movie does not start: right klick and select "play")


MPI_BGC_CONTAINER_CONCEPT.png                           MPI_BGC_FTS.JPG

     The concept of the MPI-BGC FTIR container                                                The MPI-BGC FTIR container at Jena

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MPI-BGC Solar Tracker Dome
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