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Table of contents
  1. 1. To Do
  2. 2. Complaints to Bruker
  3. 3. To Buy

On this page, you'll find:

To Do

  • For FTS itself
    • Look up history of Cell H
  • For solar tracker
    • Design a circular plate to fit on jig plate w/hole, so silicon does not need to be removed again.
  • Communications
    • Work on Zeno configuration
  • Look at weather station numbers and determine why the wiring varies from Lamont.
  • Misc
    • Debur shelf
    • Calibrate Setra value
    • Scan wooden block diagram and post to wiki
    • Continue labeling and reorganizing drawers
    • Get laptop serial port looked at

Complaints to Bruker

  • New InGaAs detector electronics causes error HTML slices (tried two different detectors).
  • Laser loses frequency lock and its "Error" light stays on.
  • Gold coating of 45-degree mirror inside tube comes off when wiped.
  • Beamsplitter coating efficiency falls off through O2 A-band.
  • NIR lamp over temperature protection does not work.
  • Bug in suntracker software: infinite display loop after sending a command, must hit browser "Stop" button then "Reload".  Note that this problem does not happen with the MATMOS suntracker, so maybe we just need a software update on the tracker or the host computer.
  • Bug in IFS125 webpage interface on Firefox. On IE, the display that shows the current state of the various sources says "off" or "on" according to the state of the source. On Firefox, this display reads "4" or "5" (I believe). Much less useful.
  • Lamont solar tracker: the ball bearing enclosure between the worm gear and flexible coupler shredded, lodging between the balls. This caused the tracker to draw too much current and blow the control board. We removed the shrapnel and requested a replacement coupler assembly. We were informed (several months later) that we could only purchase the entire motor/mirror assembly for $11,000.
  • The new suntracker does not work with latest version of Java, e.g. OpenJDK 7u4.  Downgrading the browser plugin to version 6 of Java fixes the problem.

To Buy

  • Surge protected power strip
  • Ethanol
  • Bondhus - hex ball end screwdrivers (1.5-10 mm)
  • Grommet for 1.5" hole in shelf
  • more lens paper
  • tweezers


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