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JPLcoleenNoShut down to return container to NASA Armstrong2018-05-14


34.202N, 118.175W, 390 m
Wennberg, Roehl, Wunch, Blavier
Phone (in trailer at JPL): +1-818-354-0953

The Lamont instrument was located at JPL for OCO TVAC testing from August 2007 through June 2008. Its instrument history before moving to Lamont can be found here.

A new TCCON container, which was built at Caltech, moved to JPL on 3/16/2011.  Installation of the new FTS system for OCO-2 TVAC began 3/28/11 and first solar measurement took place on 3/31/11.  Upon completion of the OCO-2 TVAC-C testing, the container and TCCON instrument moved to Indianapolis to participate in the INFLUX campaign.  Measurements in IN ran from 8/23/12 to 12/09/12.  The TCCON trailer returned to JPL on 12/19/12 and measurements commenced on 01/18/13. In May, 2013, TVAC measurements of the OCO-2 spare instrument took place.  Comparisons with JAXA's OSA took place in June.  Packing for the move to Dryden commenced on July 1, 2013.

The container returned to JPL for OCO-3 TVAC, taking data between June 21, 2017 and May 14, 2018.


Trailer in its new home at JPL 3/9/11!

Photos documenting the selection of the "one-trip" sea container, various steps of the trailer modifcation, delivery to Caltech, the solar tracker tower, weather station, and RoboDome assembly, and the move to JPL can be found below.  Images of the studs, electrical, and insulation before the walls were in place can be found in the insulation.pdf.

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