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IndianapolispodolskeNoIFS125 and IFSloopshutdown for packing and shipping to JPL2012-12-10

Indianapolis, Indiana

As result of the friendly collaboration and support of Ivy Tech College, the instrument is hosted at its Lawrence Campus. The campus address is:

9301 East 59th Street, Lawrence, IN 46216. The instrument is actually located on the back of the building (Rising Rd.)

Lat. = 39.861389 N (39 deg 51' 41" N)

Lon. = 86.003611 W (86 deg 0' 13" W)

Alt. = 270 m (873')

Eastern Time Zone: EST: GMT - 5h; EDT: GMT - 4h

Telephone number: 317-916-7511

Ivy Tech POCs:

Erica Barrow, professor of Earth Science: 317-921-4547 (office)

Jim Barney, Exec. Dir. of Administrative Services: 317-916-7827

FTS, installed at JPL in March, 2011, was transported to Ivy Tech in Indianapolis, IN to participate in the INFLUX campaign.  It arrived on 6 August, 2012 and left on December 10, 2012.


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