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Site Visit 2019-02-24 to 2019-03-13

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Tyler Wizenberg, Sébastien Roche, and Pierre Fogal on site.

To do:

  • clean 125HR scanner rods and compartment seals and apply vaccuum grease to o-rings
  • Do cell tests
  • Install new entrance window on the 125HR
  • Install new aperture wheels on the 125HR
  • Do a new set of cell tests
  • check 125HR alignment with the alignment kit, adjust if necessary, if so do new cell tests
  • Do a lamp measurement with the EM27
  • start solar measurements with both instruments


Bruker 125HR

- set up the Vaisala sensor for pressure measurements

- add a log to the switchto_MIR and switchto_NIR scripts on the tracker computer

- update the measurement transfer


Mar. 2

Ready to start solar measurements, but it's cloudy !

Did a N2O cell test with 1 mm aperture, ME at MOPD is close to 1 like with the 1.15 mm aperture.

I updated the file paths in all the macros and re-arranged them so that only the most important ones are visible in the main folder, all the others that those call were moved in a "sub_macro" folder.

The alignment kit is back in the box.


Mar. 1

Finished the alignment and did a N2O and HCl cell test. See the document Eureka_alignment_2019.pdf.


Feb. 28

Started to set up the alignment kit. See laser_setup.png.

Started the alignment, did the centering of the entrance aperture on the external HeNe laser fringes. And also removed apparent shifts through ZPD by adjusting the fixed corner cube screws (less than a quarter of a turn for each).


Feb. 27

Installed the new entrance window and aperture wheels. Did N2O and HCl cell tests just after.

We will need to do the alignment tomorrow, the ME at MOPD for N2O with 1 mm aperture is down to ~0.5. And the one with 1.15 mm is down to ~0.4


Feb. 26

The HCl cell tests gives 1.02 ME at MOPD, up 2% from the last measurements of 2018 and right at the level of last campaign.

The HBr cell test has ~0.9 ME at MOPD with 1 mm aperture. In the attached figure the other two tests in 2018 were done with 1.15 mm aperture

The N2O cell test with 1 mm aperture is at ~0.97, down 3% from 2018 tests with the 1mm aperture. And the cell test with 1.15 mm aperture is at ~ 0.85 down 5% from the 2018 campaign.



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