Newark-Element 14 Shopping List

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  1.  DIN Rail for measurement computing module mounting  - need to confirm 35 mm size. 
  2.  2 x 10 A fuse for Zeno weather station 
  3. average wire strippers  - note these can be avoided if you want as we have cheap manual ones. 
  4. 24 vdc power supply (~1-2 A) for Measurement computing modules  You said you got these already
  5. crimping tool - most probably not necessary as uncertain on which terminals we might want to crimp
  6. Assortment of wire -
    1. 24 AWG, PTFE jacket, 25 m , yellow , black, red, blue   - long lead time
  7. spare batteries for SIL Cover control enclosure (details pending)
  8.  240vac step down tranformer for LN2 system. 


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