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  1. Foam Cutter  and power supply (6V 2 A) , or ebay (doubtful shipped in time)
  2. Toaster oven for drying desiccant 
  3. Optical cables and RS232-fiber connectors (2)
  4. RS232 cable (10') - Ordered Sept 2.
  5. Thorlabs purchases for optical pieces - Ordered Sept 2.
  6. PS2 keyboard - Orfeo has keyboard; need PS2-USB adaptor - Ordered Sept 2.
  7. Monitor; Orfeo has monitor
  8. Screws for herc heater connector
  9. duct tape
  10. aluminum tape
  11. surface pressure funnel
  12. cable wrap, on Newark list
  13. vacuum grease, in stores
  14. lens paper & clamp, in stores
  15. squeeze bottle, in stores
  16. alcohol, in stores
  17. kim wipes, in stores
  18. bungee cords
  19. dolly for moving bruker , i would get two of these on our way through Prince Albert - order them and have them waiting  - Rob says we can't borrow his as he's using them to move furniture. 
  20. Vacuum electromagnetic block valve to place between Vacuum pump and Bruker/micropirani. I would get MKS CV25-K2K2-ECNVV-24DC from http://www.ccrprocessproducts.com/ - Daniel Comeau <daniel@ccrprocessproducts.com>. I don't have a quote. We could carry this on the plane. 


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