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DrydencoleenNoProblem with the dome shutter since 2/20/192019-02-22


Weather at Edwards Air Force Base, CA - via NOAA's National Weather Service
Fair and 41 F at Edwards Air Force Base, CA
Winds are Southwest at 11.5 MPH (10 KT). The pressure is 1017.7 mb and the humidity is 85%. The wind chill is 34. Last Updated on Mar 22 2019, 4:58 am PDT.


Edwards, CA, USA

TCCON Status: Provisional

34.959917N, 117.881069W, 700 m (permanent location)

34.958390N, 117.882161W, 699 m  (temporary location)
Laura Iraci, James Podolske, Jhony Zavaleta, Patrick Hillyard

Operational as of 2013-07-20; off-site during June 2017-May 2018

This instrument was originally set up at JPL by Coleen Roehl, Jean-Francois Blavier, and Norton Allen and was moved to Indianapolis during INFLUX, was moved back to JPL, and then to NASA Armstrong (formerly Dryden) in July 2013. Around Dec 2014, container was placed on poured pad at permanent location.

In June 2017, this system moved back to JPL for use during thermal vacuum testing of OCO-3 hardware and was operational there until May 14, 2018.  Measurements commenced at NASA Armstrong (formerly Dryden) on June 1, 2018.

Phone number in container: 661 276 2990


ATom Overflights: 8/23/16, 1/24/17
KORUS-AQ & SARP Overflights: 04/22/16 and 06/18/16
AJAX in- situ profiles at the Dryden TCCON station: 6/2/2015, 11/6/14, 6/18/14, 4/3/14, 2/5/14, 12/4/13, 11/4/13, and 9/27/13
ASCENDS Overflights: 2/10/16, 8/22/14
SARP: 6/23/14
SEAC4RS Profiles: 8/5/13 (DC-8) and 9/23/13 (DC-8 and ER-2)



Weather Underground

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