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To Do List

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  1. Remove packing garbage from lab
  2. Design protective plexiglass cover - installed foam cover hanging from pickoff mirror tubes to protect the IFS.
  3. Design mirror mounts and purchase optics 
    - buy epoxy glue
    - design jig plates
  4. Design rack for electronics and have mounted
    - schedule facilities to install unistrut

    - buy braces and hardware 
  5. Purchase laptop
  6. Purchase monitor, key board and mouse
  7. Buy elbow for vacuum system and modify the hosing location
  8. Design flange for 45 deg turning mirror (to shorten tube)
  9. Have new apertures made 
  10. Need Herc/QNX-6
    - JF confirmed that power supply for new Herc is completed and that Norton will be ready with QNX-6 software upon request.
  11. Need to finish weather station
    - complete mounting on pole (facilities)
    - communications - RS485 or RS232 repeater; or Norton uses a server w/IP
    - Install barometer (where?) - downstairs in the sub-basement in one of the doorways, maybe. But before it's installed, we should bring it up to the roof to calibrate the Setra. (And it would probably be a good idea to be able to unmount the barometer periodically for calibration.)
  12. Finish buying tools
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