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Ascension Island

TCCON Status: Full

7° 56' S, 14° 25' W (7.933333S,14.416667W)
PI: Dietrich Feist <>
Collaborator: Sabrina Arnold




Metoffice Weather Forecast for Ascension Island


The Cloud Cover (yellow) curve is out of 8, i.e. in Oktas:



The TCCON station AE on Ascension Island was set up in May 2012. During the first year of operation, measurements were sparse as a result of the extremely rough environment. Several sets of solar tracker mirrors were destroyed by blowing sand and sea salt within weeks or months. The mirror corrosion problems have been solved since September 2013.

Ascension Island is a very remote place. The Royal Air Force provides two flights per week for a small number of civilian passengers from Brize Norton, UK. Otherwise, all freight and especially hazarduous cargo has to be sent with one of the supply ships that leave Southampton roughly once per month.

The data connection on Ascension Island does not allow downloading the interferograms/spectra. Instead, they have to be sent by post every 4-6 weeks and the transport usually takes another 3-4 weeks.Therefore, the data analysis usually lags behind the measurements by 2-3 months.

 TCCON station AE.jpg

Location of the TCCON station AE near North East Bay on Ascension Island



The TCCON AE instrument at the ESA Ariane Tracking Station on Ascension Island.

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