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Anmyeondoy_sohNoFTS container rooftop weather sensor installation (observation of wind, direction, humidity, temperature etc.) / March 23, 20192019-05-30

Anmyeondo, Korea

TCCON Status: Provisional

36.5382N, 126.3311E, 30 masl
PI: Tae-Young GOO Ph.D

Global Environment System Research Division

National Institute of Meteorological Research 

45 Gisangcheong-gil, Donjak-gu, Seoul, 156-720, Republic of KOREA

TEL: +82-2-6712-0359

FAX: +82-2-841-2787

H.P: +82-10-8736-3212

E-mail: Young Suk Oh (

            (formerly or

Provisional Status Approved Aug. 2014



Site Description and Notes

Anmyeondo is located at 36.5382oN, 126.3311oE, 30 masl in Taean-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea. Anmyeondo is the sixth largest island in the country and the area is ~87.96 km2, in which ~1.25 million people reside. The mean temperature is 11.1oC in January and 25.6oC in August, respectively. Yearly accumulated precipitation is 1,116 mm, and a lot of snow falls in winter.

At the same place of Anmyeondo FTS site, there is a regional Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) station which belongs to Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA). The GAW station has measured various kinds of atmospheric compounds such as greenhouse gases, aerosols, stratospheric ozone, UV, short and long range radiation and acidity and ions in precipitation. In particular, the instruments like LIDAR, sunphotometer, and Brewer are used to validate satellite-based measurements.

Current instrumentation: Bruker IFS125HR, Bruker Solar Tracker

Located near a GAW station.



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