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  1. 1. FTS
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    3. 1.3. Phase Correction
    4. 1.4. Ghosts
  2. 2. Carbon Cycle

This page will collect references about FTS instruments, the carbon cycle, or anything else of interest to the TCCON community.


General Books

Fourier transform spectrometry
By Sumner P. Davis, Mark C. Abrams, James W. Brault
Edition: 2, illustrated
Published by Academic Press, 2001
ISBN 0120425106, 9780120425105
262 pages

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometry

By Peter R Griffiths, James A. De Haseth
Edition: 2
Published by Wiley-Interscience, 2007
ISBN 0470106298, 9780470106297
704 pages

Introductory Fourier Transform Spectroscopy
By Robert John Bell
Published by Academic Press, 1972
ISBN 0120851504, 978-0120851508
382 pages

Aspen International Conference on Fourier Spectroscopy, 1970
By George A. Vanasse, A.T. Stair, Jr., Doran J. Baker, Editors
5 January 1971
Special Reports, No. 114

The principles of interferometric spectroscopy
By John Ernest Chamberlain, George W. Chantry, Norman Walford Bavin Stone
Editors George W. Chantry, Norman Walford Bavin Stone
Wiley, 1979
Original from The University of California
Digitized Mar 10, 2008
ISBN 0471997196, 9780471997191
347 pages

ILS Papers

M. V. R. K. MURTY, "Some More Aspects of the Michelson Interferometer with Cube Corners," J. Opt. Soc. Am. 50, 7-9 (1960)

Jyrki Kauppinen and Pekka Saarinen, "Line-shape distortions in misaligned cube corner interferometers," Appl. Opt. 31, 69-74 (1992)

Pekka Saarinen and Jyrki Kauppinen, "Spectral line-shape distortions in Michelson interferometers due to off-focus radiation source," Appl. Opt. 31, 2353-2359 (1992)

EDSON R. PECK, "Theory of the Corner-Cube Interferometer," J. Opt. Soc. Am. 38, 1015-1015 (1948)

EDSON R. PECK, "A New Principle in Interferometer Design," J. Opt. Soc. Am. 38, 66-66 (1948)

Frank Hase, Thomas Blumenstock, and Clare Paton-Walsh, Analysis of the Instrumental Line Shape of High-Resolution Fourier Transform IR Spectrometers with Gas Cell Measurements and New Retrieval Software, Applied Optics, Vol. 38, Issue 15, pp. 3417-3422 (1999)

Phase Correction

MICHAEL L. FORMAN, W. HOWARD STEEL, and GEORGE A. VANASSE, "Correction of Asymmetric Interferograms Obtained in Fourier Spectroscopy," J. Opt. Soc. Am. 56, 59-61 (1966)

Transformations in optics - Book
L Mertz - 1965


R. C. M. Learner, A. P. Thorne, and J. W. Brault, "Ghosts and artifacts in Fourier-transform spectrometry," Appl. Opt. 35, 2947-2954 (1996)

Carbon Cycle



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