TCCON Charter

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The Total Carbon Column Observing Network (TCCON) is a network of ground-based Fourier Transform Spectrometers that record direct solar spectra in the near-infrared. From these spectra, accurate and precise column-averaged abundances of atmospheric constituents including CO2, CH4, N2O, HF, CO, H2O, O2 and HDO, are retrieved.

The TCCON is a partnership of the individual sites that comprise the network. TCCON participants agree to adhere to a common set of standards for instrumentation, data acquisition, calibration, and analysis as determined by the TCCON Steering Committee.

The TCCON Steering Committee, comprising one representative from each site, is charged with making policy for the network. The committee can invite further members onto the Steering Committee. This committee is also responsible for admission of new sites into the network and for setting data quality standards. The Steering Committee is led by a chair and co-chairs elected by the members to a three year term.  Policy changes to the Charter and/or Protocol are made on a 2/3 vote of the Steering Committee with one vote per site. 



The Chair oversees the Steering Committee and is responsible for external communications.

2014-2017 Chair - Paul Wennberg (


The Co-Chairs support the Chair and serve as the Chair in his or her absence.

The Chair and Co-Chairs are selected based on timezone/geography: one from the Americas, one from Europe/Africa (Europe/Ascension/Reunion) and one from the Western Pacific (Japan/Australia/New Zealand). TCCON partners in each region will recommend a representative from their region to the Steering Committee, who will vote to accept the nomination. The chair is chosen from one of the co-chairs (selected by the co-chairs).

The Chair and Co-Chair positions are held for a 3-year term, which is renewable.

2014-2017 European Co-Chair -Justus Notholt (

2014-2017 Western Pacific Co-Chair - David Griffith (

Steering Committee

The TCCON is a partnership of the individual sites that comprise the network.  TCCON participants agree to adhere to a common set of standards for instrumentation, data acquisition, calibration, and analysis. A Steering Committee comprised of one principal investigator from each site (and additional members named to the Steering Committee by agreement of the PIs) has the following responsibilities:

  • establish, refine, and maintain standards for TCCON data products, and their precision and accuracy
  • approve simple, objective criteria to determine data flags for public release
  • evaluate and accept new members
  • facilitate and assist where possible, in science studies using TCCON data
  • report activities to the TCCON meeting

The broader TCCON Science Team includes co-Is identified by the PIs.

Current Sites and Steering Committee Representatives

Site Voting Representative Contact Information Co-I Co-I Contact Information
Park Falls Coleen Roehl    
Lamont Debra Wunch    
Lauder Vanessa Sherlock    
Garmisch Ralf Sussmann Markus Rettinger
Ascension Island Dietrich Feist    
Karlsruhe Frank Hase    
Darwin Voltaire Velazco Nicholas Deutscher
Wollongong David Griffith    
Eureka Kimberly Strong    
Bialystok Nicholas Deutscher Christof Petri
Ny Alesund Matthias Buschmann Justus Notholt
Bremen Justus Notholt Nicholas Deutscher
Orleans Thorsten Warneke Nicholas Deutscher
Sodankyla Rigel Kivi Pauli Heikkinen
Izana Matthias Schneider    
Tsukuba Isamu Morino    
Réunion Martine de Mazière    
Saga Shuji Kawakami Hirofumi Ohyama
Edwards  Laura Iraci      


Additional Members of the Steering Committee

Voting Representative Contact Information
Geoffrey Toon
Jean-Francois Blavier
Paul Wennberg


Steering Committee Emeritus

Brian Connor

New TCCON Members

New sites will be considered by the TCCON Steering Committee by application. Demonstration of required hardware and facility with TCCON processing is required. New sites are considered provisional until demonstration of accuracy with in situ profiles.

TCCON Meeting

TCCON has a yearly general assembly of all members. The assembly has the following assignments:

  • evaluate software and spectral linelists used for ‘standard’ TCCON data products
  • review details of the data processing and data distribution
  • review data flags
  • provide TCCON site report (in writing or orally as determined by the meeting organizers)
  • report on central activities within TCCON
  • describe recent science investigations
  • plan future activities (e.g. intercomparisons, software changes, spectroscopic upgrades, etc.)
  • take part in the Network for the Detection of Atmospheric Compostion Change - Infrared (NDACC-IR) working group and/or the International Workshop on Greenhouse Gas Measurements from Space(IWGGMS) meetings

TCCON Network Affiliations

  • The TCCON is closely affiliated with the Network for the Detection of Atmospheric Composition Change Infrared Working Group (NDACC-IRWG). The NDACC website can be found at and the IRWG website at The NDACC Infrared Working Group and TCCON have many common members, strong scientific and operational links and they recognize a mutual benefit from each other’s expertise. The Cooperative Agreement between NDACC and TCCON is in the MOU document attached, as is the official welcome to the NDACC steering committee.

TCCON Website

The TCCON Website ( is currently employed as a brief introduction to the network, and provides links to the wiki, the OCO project website, the GOSAT website and the SCIAMACHY website. [If you Google "TCCON", the website is still the first hit, so we're reluctant to get rid of the page.]


The TCCON-wiki ( contains the necessary information needed for data acquisition and analysis. It also serves as central knowledge repository where we can assess, discuss and improve our data quality.

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