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TCCON data can be downloaded from the TCCON archive.  Please review the license associated with each data file to understand usage and citation requirements. Citation files in bibtex, RIS, and XML format has been created for your convenience that include all TCCON data citations and are attached at the bottom of this page. You can also use datacite's tool: and enter the doi of the site into the search bar (e.g., The resulting page will have a "Cite" link that will provide detailed citation information for that site in several formats, including BibTex and RIS.

More detailed information on the data can be found on the Data Description page. Auxiliary data, including column averaging kernels and a priori profiles are contained in the netCDF files provided for GGG2014. Instructions on how to properly use the averaging kernels and a priori profiles for the TCCON data are on the Auxiliary Data wiki page.

For updates on our data, sign up to our data users list at Note that the website is self-signed. You can safely add an exception!

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